Bottoms Up Knocker Knit Flat With Two Needles :: Video Tutorial

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Hello. Today I'm posting the original English Pattern that I used to teach some friends in Brazil how to knit a knocker. If you have a question you can write me a comment below this post ok? There's also a video tutorial with English subtitles available in case you need it. Have a great week! Bye Bye.

Materials: 1 pair needles, size 4(5). Sport or (DK) weight soft, washable non wool yarn.** See below for approved yarns for distribution by knittedknockers.org groups, stitch marker to mark needle 1, tapestry needle. Gauge- 6st= 1” (5st= 1”). Counts in ( ) are for DK/US 5 needles

Original Pattern: Bottoms Up Knocker Knit Flat by Laureen Furnas.
Link to the original pattern and website: www.knittedknockers.org
Video and Portuguese Version: Blog-By-Day

CO - Cast On
kfb - Knit into front & back of stitch
K - knit
P - purl
k2tog - knit 2 stitches together
rs- right side
ws- wrong side

 6st=1” (5 st=1”)

Bottom Piece: 
Starting with a 20” tail, cast on 17 stitches. 

Foundation Row: 
Knit one, place marker, (knit five, place marker) 3 times. Knit one. 

Row 1 (rs): Knit 1, (slip marker and knit in the front and the back of the next stitch, knit to the last stitch before marker, knit in the front and the back of that stitch) 3 times, slip marker and knit last stitch.(inc 6st total this round) 
Row 2 (ws): Knit 1, (slip marker, purl to the last stitch before marker, knit in the front and the back of that stitch) 3 times, slip marker and knit one. (inc 3st total this round) Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have number of stitches for the cup size you desire.

•A cup – stuffed diameter equals 4.5” (across) …72(66)
•B cup – stuffed diameter equals 5” (across) …78(72)
•C cup – stuffed diameter equals 5.5” (across) …90(84)
•D cup – stuffed diameter equals 6” (across) …102(90)
•DD/E cup – stuffed diameter equals 6.5” (across) ...108(96)

*See notes for larger sizes. Each size goes up about ½” in diameter. Sizing is a bit of an art. Looser knit willstretch more when stuffed. Stuffed knockers should measure the diameters listed above measured straightacross the back from the point to the mid of the opposite side

Turning Rows:
Row 1 (rs): Knit one, purl to the last stitch, knit one.
Row 2 (ws): Knit across.

Top Piece:
Row 1 (rs): Knit one (slip marker, knit to the last 2 stitches before marker, knit two together) 3 times, slip marker, knit one.
Row 2 (ws): Knit one (slip marker, purl two together, purl to marker) 3 times, slip marker, knit one.
Continue rows 1 and 2 until you have 5 sts on the needle.

Clip the yarn leaving a 14” tail, thread it through tapestry needle and run it through the stitches, removing markers as you go & cinch up. Tack down the yarn tail at nipple area and use remaining tail to sew knocker closed. Use a mattress stitch and catch each knit stitch at edge for seaming. Continue seaming until you end at cast-on edges, then fasten off leaving a hole that is approximately the size of a quarter. 

Final Step To Finish Bottom Piece:
Weave beginning tail through every other cast-on stitch around the hole. This will make a draw-string like closure so the knocker stuffing level can later be adjusted by the wearer. Fill with Premium Poly Fiber Fil™ (optional, we can fill them for you to save on postage.)

Knitted Knockers Support Foundation has created a list of tested and approved yarns appropriate for knitted knockers. Please note that only knockers made from this list will be used to fill orders from knittedknockers.org so if knitting or crocheting for us please only use these yarns. While Knitted Knockers are a great “stash buster” taking only about 50 yards of yarn, the knockers may be worn against sensitive skin and must be durable, breathable and stay soft after washing. Also note the acrylic yarns are only used for swimming knockers.

The most requests are for pairs of neutral colors. If you don’t have enough of one color to finish a knocker feel free to make the bottom piece with a bright or fun color using the same type of yarn changing to a neutral color 2-3 rows prior to the purl rows. If you get bored with the flesh tones by all means make a creative, bright pair if you want. We do get requests for those too :-). Don’t stress too much about the sizing. The most important thing is to make sure that all pairs are the same size (same number of stitches). About 75% of the requests are for sizes B and C with the rest size A, D and DD. Check out the video at knittedknockers.org on How to Size your Knockers for sizing tips.

Hello. If you don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, don't worry. I made subtitles to the video tutorial, so you can have the pattern and the yarn information on it ok. And if you have a question, you can send me a message (in English) here. Unfortunately I can't translate it into other languages, but my videos can receive subtitles and translations from readers, so feel free to contribute. Oh and here are more posts in English for you. Big hug! See you.


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